Momotype is an experimental/horror visual novel about a tamagotchi-like creature. There are 3, apparent endings and 1 secret ending. Momotype's narrative is designed to change with each play-through.
Development took place over the course of 7 months, from May 2021 to December 2021, and the script currently stands at approximately 10,000 words.
On this project, I worked as the sole designer/writer/artist.

" Momotype is a visual novel from Rimatoad that almost needs to be seen to be believed." - Zoey Handley, Destructoid
" Momotype is an intriguing look at how we might raise a living thing in a dark future, and also examines our relationships with the digital creatures we’ve befriended over the years." - Joel Couture, IndieGamesPlus

So far, Momotype has received over 30,000+ downloads.

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